Roof Colour Samples


For the majority of reroofing jobs, we use Bluescope Lysaght Colorbond® steel. Colorbond steel is available in a modern range of 20 designer colours for roofs, walls, guttering, downpipes and fascia.

This is Colorbond's Standard Range:

Colorbond roof colours

Refer to the Colorbond Colour Centre to find out more. Simply choose and mix & match your roof colour with your walls, guttering, fascia and downpipes. We can supply and use any products and colours from the Colorbond range.

    Near the ocean?

    Colorbond's Ultra Range is especially designed for buildings situated 100-200 metres from breaking surf. The Ultra Range can withstand severe coastal and industrial environments, where there may be a smell of salt or salt spray in the air, and comes in the following 6 colours:

    Colorbond roofs Ultra colour range

    If your home is located within 100 metres from breaking surf, you need to look at Colorbond's Stainless Steel Range, which is especially designed for very severe coastal & industrial environments. It is the recommended material for coastal areas where there is a constant salty smell and salt spray in the air, and is available in these 4 colours:

    Colorbond stainless steel roof colours for coastal homes close to ocean


Besides Colorbond, we also use Fielders Colorcoat HPS200, which is imported from the UK and comes in 6 colours that are different from the Colorbond colour range.

Colorcoat HPS200 is a galvanized base metal product that has a PVC coating to both sides that is unique. It is designed for extreme coastal environments and has an extremely durable surface. The product is priced competitively and gives an additional option for clients in coastal locations.

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